One week in

So it has now been a week since I left the comforts of home and began my adventure in Australia. Here’s a quick update on my travels so far… The journey itself was relatively free of drama (once the goodbyes had taken place)! I was extremely lucky to have a free seat next to me on both of my flights on the way over – I don’t know how I managed it either!! Etihad as a whole has plenty of good points but The vegetarian meals left something to be desired, with the same meal served twice on the second flight. Nevertheless with this particular journey, it was most definitely the destination that was important.

The first few days saw a fair amount of jetlag but considering the journey length I was happy enough to accept it! The first trip back to the beach made me realise exactly what I had been missing and I was so happy to be back. It’s been lovely catching up with some old friends who have kindly put me up and settling in to the swing of things has, as expected, not taken long at all. 

I apologise for the slight delay in any update but I will endeavour to write more frequently… I am journaling every day so I am sure not to forget anything. It seems as though I chose the perfect time to come over here; weather back home has turned awful and we’re not in to the heat of summer here for a while yet. Good time to adjust to some sunshine and man am I enjoying it! Most days I have either been in to the city or taken a trip down to the beach… 

Getting reacquainted with the country I will call my home for the next few months of my life has so far been lovely. I have to say, although it’s early days, I’m having a ball and can’t wait to see what the rest of the adventure has in store! I’ll be back soon with another little something for you all, thanks for the well wishes so far, I love hearing what the rest of you are up to! 

Laura x


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