An Underwater Paris

Back in June this year my mum and I headed to Paris for a few days of culture, sightseeing, wine and to tick a few items off the bucket list. Paris was always a draw for me, I have always loved European cities and soaking up new environments on the continent. From the museums, food, art galleries, and architecture, it has always been a dream trip for me.

The opportunity arose for our long awaited trip and our to-do list grew ever longer so as not to miss out on anything the city had to offer us… Or so we thought. Our Paris adventure was somewhat out of the ordinary as we arrived to the Seine at its highest level for over 30 years. We were determined to not let this dampen our spirits and managed to head up the Eiffel Tower on day 1. This was a feat in itself for me, having a pretty serious fear of lifts but the views at the top were more than worth it. We feasted on typical Parisian food and drink, made use of our limited French, and enjoyed watching the preparations for the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament. A personal highlight for us both was a visit to Montmartre, the weather was beautiful and we were far away enough from the floods to enjoy everything being open!

Walking around the city had an eerie sense of times gone by with boats stood still, roads closed, and restaurants all but empty. Our dreams of visiting The Louvre, Orsay, and Notre Dame were sinking faster than the river rose but we certainly had an experience to remember. From watching paintings being lifted via cranes out of top story windows, to standing amongst the crowds at the famous Zouave statue at the Pont d’Alma disappearing deeper in to the Seine, we were set apart from the usual tourists.

Looking back I think it made for a more memorable experience and has certainly made for a lot of fresh anecdotes to add to the travel repertoire! Would I change it? No! Like every travel experience, I learnt a lot, enjoyed new cultures, and certainly felt the burn of a metro-less Paris on the legs… Of course I would like to go back some day and finish off the bucket list but it was truly a great trip!

Paris, we love you 


Laura x


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