Why travel solo?

Over the past few years of my life, travel has genuinely become my greatest passion and biggest obsession. I spend my time reading up on new destinations, opportunities, cultures, and experiences. Travel is a beautiful thing to share with people for sure, but for me hitting the open road alone is something quite unique and I would urge anyone to do it.

First and foremost, travelling alone means you can do everything you want to do and importantly, nothing you don’t want to do. Solo travel epitomises the ability to be completely selfish in doing exactly what you want. You want to go out for dinner at that restaurant you probably can’t afford? Go! That sky dive you’ve been itching to do? Do it! The best thing about it? There’s no one else to please but you, indulge a little… who knows, you might even enjoy it.

Alone time is highly underrated. Long haul flights, bus journeys, a beautiful sunset on the beach are all perfect times to enjoy a little bit of silence with your own thoughts. Plan ways to tick things off that all important bucket list, get stuck in to that book you’ve been dying to read, or simply sit back an enjoy some ‘you time’.

There are many advantages you perhaps may not think of… Imagine a theme park, queueing up for rides and wanting to sit with your friends. Ever jealous of the single riders line? Travelling alone makes things heaps easier in terms of finding good times to travel, flights, hostels, every time you only have to think of booking for one. In my experience, you can get some pretty good treatment from travelling alone too, from free drinks to room upgrades (thanks Thailand!)

Chances are, the majority of people you meet when you’re travelling will also be on their own. I firmly believe that travelling on your own makes you more eager to speak to locals, fellow backpackers, and break outside of your normal boundaries! Heading out with friends is great but you’re much more likely to stick with them and stay firmly within your comfort zone. Each and every opportunity is there to be grabbed with both hands when you travel, its a lot easier to do without someone holding one of them.

At the end of the day, if you never try you’ll never know if its for you but I would without doubt tell everyone to give it a go, even just the once. Personally, I’ll never look back! The experiences I’ve had, friends I’ve made, and things I’ve learnt when travelling alone have been some of the best of my life so far and every trip makes me more grateful for giving it a try.

Laura x



One thought on “Why travel solo?

  1. As a solo traveler of 5 years myself I agree with your thoughts – the freedom to do things on your own terms is far more relaxing and easier – For me ‘solo’ traveling is not a lonely experience. I meet people everywhere I go; I just have the option to step away from them when I want to. 😀


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