Diving in

Picture the scene.

It’s July 2014, I’ve just graduated from university with a great degree and don’t really know where to turn next. I apply for a masters, get accepted but have to pass the long stretch between graduation and February when I start back at university. What do I do? Apply for some temporary work – waitressing and bar work. It’s good, tips are great and I work with some great people but I’m not setting the world on fire here. I need more!

I started looking at my friends, those I admired, was secretly jealous of, those I deemed successful but most importantly happy! I asked myself what made me view them in this way? Was there a link? The vast majority of these friends had one major thing in common… TRAVEL.

It started with some casual browsing online at destinations, round the world trips, flights, on websites and blogs galore. I was obsessed. Night after night I would trowel the internet with no real goal in mind, simply searching for that great wide somewhere that could bring me something I wasn’t sure I needed.

Before I knew it, one afternoon after speaking to a travel expert at STA my trip solidified before my eyes. Plastic in hand, shaking, it was done before I could quite believe it myself. I, Laura, had booked to go travelling. 3 months, 4 countries, just me, my backpack, and the open road.

I’d never thought I would be a person to venture off to distant lands, let alone do it on my own and I can honestly say I wouldn’t change it for anything. The experiences I have had to date (some of which I will get to share with you) have truly taken my breathe away, made me look at the world in an entirely new way and taken my life on a course I didn’t even know was possible. I know that my adventures are just starting and there is a whole load more out there to see. I can’t wait to dive in again!

Laura x


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