Introductions & Intentions


I’m Laura, a 20-something British girl with a serious passion for travelling and talking about my travels to anyone and everyone who will listen. Enter blogging…

On this, my first venture in to blogging, I’m hoping to provide an honest insight into my backpacking experiences and hope to inspire and inform along the way. I travelled 3 months solo between studies back in 2014/15 and it completely changed me – I know what you’re thinking, serious cliché – just go with me here. I caught the travel bug hard and haven’t looked back since, visiting six countries in the 18 months that followed my first solo flight, with many more planned, at least in principle.

Late 2016 will see me embark upon my latest adventure with a working holiday in Australia, first stop Perth. I have saved like mad, handed in my notice at work, to head to the other side of the world on a one way ticket…  Please come say hi, leave any questions in the comments and follow me on instagram/ twitter @oneexplaura

Let’s see how this goes. I hope you’ll join me on my journey!

Laura x


3 thoughts on “Introductions & Intentions

    1. Hi, I’m very well thanks, and you? Thank you for your kind words, its my first ever blog and first post so a lot of cobwebs to dust out! I look forward to reading some of your posts – have followed you too. 🙂


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